Our History


The history of Synergy University goes back to the year 1988 when the first business school in Russia named Sinerghia Business School was established.
Synergy University Dubai Campus


In 1995 it evaluated to Moscow International Institute of Econometrics, Informatics, Finance and Law was established in the capital of Russia.


Thanks to the lasting and successful work of the teaching and administrative staff, in 2005, the Institute was elevated to the status of Academy through the decision of the Accreditation Body of the Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Education and Science of the Russian Federation. That event led to the change of name.


Moscow Academy of Industry and Finance became a part of the Magna Charta Universitatum, which is a great recognition for the university’s academic quality, specifically in the area of higher education.


In 2010 the Academy started the development of the largest strategic alliance in Russia with Synergy International Business School which has been successfully training skilled mid- and top-level managers since 1988. Thanks to the partnership agreement between both institutions, the newly formed Academic Holding Company got the chance to train professionals out of more than twenty years of experience in all areas of higher education.


The institution was able to reinforce its position in the Russian market. The Accreditation Body conferred the status of University upon Moscow Academy of Industry and Finance


As such, the institution conducted a scale rebranding and got the name which now is well-known both in the Russian and the international education markets — the Synergy University.


Synergy University opened its Dubai Campus in the heart of the Middle East’s fastest growing business hub. Synergy University Dubai Campus offers a unique selection of academic programs for school graduates (Bachelor’s) as well as advance academic programs for business professionals (Masters & MBAs) seeking to increase their level of qualification.


Synergy University Dubai Campus launched its flagship program, the MBA Women's Leadership, which is the first of its kind in the Middle East, dedicated towards female leadership and empowerment.
During 2014, the Dubai Campus quickly grew from 27 students to 150, which marked its first step towards local recognition.

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