The XXII Olympic Winter Games (Sochi) 2014 begins on Friday, February 7

Synergy University entirely supports Olympics as one of Volunteer Organisation Center. The main goal has been achieved - 25 000 volunteers are involved in the Games. 

The FIS Nordic Combined World Cup stage, FIBT Bobsleigh and Skeleton World Cup stage, ISU Short Track Speed Skating World Cup stage, Official International Luge Training Week, Luge Championships, the World Wheelchair Curling Championship: these and many other sports have been successfully organized and staged by volunteers, who from morning to night responsibly carried out their work.

A lot of work has been done! Volunteers were involved in various functional directions. They greeted the spectators and VIP-guests at stadiums, helped athletes with accommodation in hotels, provided translation services, worked at the information counters, supported the operation of the communications center and performed other duties. The sports volunteers, with a high level of physical preparation and skills in Olympic and Paralympic sports, prepared the tracks for the competition, and were responsible for safety in the area they were staged, and also helped the judges. However, no matter what job was done by volunteers, they always dealt with it quickly and easily! No matter where volunteers have worked, everywhere they created a joyful mood and enthused those around them with their drive.

We are extremely proud of our Synergy Volunteers! Sochi 2014: HOT! COOL! YOURS! 

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