Synergy University Dubai Campus Supports Women Leadership and Entrepreneurship

Synergy University Dubai Campus Supports Women Leadership and Entrepreneurship.

Synergy University Dubai Campus demonstrated its unlimited support for Women Leadership and Entrepreneurship by sponsoring Hadafi Women Entrepreneurship Program, which is a program that enhancing economic opportunities for women by carrying out affirmative actions in support of starting, formalizing and growing the enterprises by providing exposure, financial support, network & workshop tools. works on  where the university is contributing towards empowering women by providing an education, trainings and access to entrepreneurial resources.

Synergy University Dubai Campus is the gold sponsor of Hadafi; and is offering its support to young entrepreneurs through its flagship program – The MBA Women’s Leadership Program. The MBA Women’s Leadership Program at Synergy University Dubai Campus is specially designed for female directors, managers and businesswomen who have the potential and aspire to become global business leaders. The winner of Hadafi will receive a full scholarship while 9 runner ups will receive a 50% scholarship each.  

We believe that the MBA Women’s Leadership Program is an efficient and effective way to build a foundation, nurture business skills and help create a generation of confident, resourceful, talented and innovative women that can be future role models. We believe that empowering women is the best way to empower a nation. 

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