Kazakhstan Art Day in Dubai


Kazakhstan Art Day in Dubai


On December 11th, Dubai hosted a unique event - master classes and exhibition on Kazakh National Art.


With the support of the Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the United Arab Emirates, as well as the Consulate General of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Dubai, the event is organized by Synergy University’s students and Kazakhstan community "Qazaqs in Emirates".


The event is designed to give the most complete picture of the history and development of the traditional Kazakh art. The program demonstrated the link between generations; the organizers intended to show traditions and culture of Kazakh people, and how Kazakh producers represent those customs in production today.

The exhibition explored Kazakh national style jewelry, paintings, musical instruments, national souvenirs, handmade clothing from well-known designers, as well as workshops on the national arts and crafts.


The exhibition was led by an art critic Rosa Zhusupova, the president of the social organization “Dala Arulary”. Famous masters as Zhanuzak Musapir, leading jewelers of Kazakhstan as Estay Daubaev and Berwick Alibek, designer Amina Shukparova, National Craftsmen Mukhtarkhan Abdraimov, Kazim Amankosov and famous artist Hashim Kurbanov shared masterpieces with guests. The delegation was headed by the coordinator of the project within Assembly of People of Kazakhstan, Roza Ibildaeva.


Honorary guest of the event was Arman Isagaliev, General Consul of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Dubai. The exhibition was visited by more than one hundred guests, including foreign diplomats, representatives of public organizations and mass media, as well as Kazakh compatriots living in the United Arab Emirates and current Kazakh students.


Zaid Maleh, CEO of DACH ADVISORY, Vice-Chancellor of Synergy University said: “We are extremely delighted to welcome all guests and artists to our Campus. The items exhibited here impressed me; beautiful display of each piece shows us a history and deep meaning in every detail. Represented in art, the culture, traditions and beautiful landscape introduce us to a wisdom through centuries.”    

The visitors had a chance to listen to the sound of traditional instruments as dombra, kobyz and Shang-kobyz and enjoyed folk songs performed by the 

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