The number of available scholarships varies from year to year, and competition is strong. For the Admission team and for the Academic Head, it is very hard to decide, to whom they can give the chance on a billion, give the opportunity to success in life in that young age. The University Management received more than 5000 essays for scholarship and decision was taken very hard.

Today Synergy University Dubai Campus is proud to announce, that for the first September intake two from 5000 scholars have been successfully admitted to the University. They are from Bahrain and Russia. Our congratulations to Maria and Diane - they were chosen from the best of the best. We wish you good luck in your long way in Synergy! 

Maria Zyryanova Diane Scholarship Bahrain

To be scholar - is a big responsibility, because every day you need to prove to yourself, to the lectures, to the University that you are ambitious, smart, hard worker, you don't afraid of challenges, you are ready to study way harder than others and in the end of the day - to show the best result ever.

To be scholar in Synergy - is much harder, than in any other University, because in Synergy we have international way and the global way of thinking - our students in international campuses and branches in Russia (more than 40), United Kingdom, Singapore, UAE, etc. know, that it makes a huge difference compare to others - the way of practical-oriented studies, to learn from the best professors around the Globe, who has experience not only for academic part for ages, but also a practitioners - people, who has experienced the hardest part of real life, who got succeed in their own businesses and now included in the TOP list in their specialty. 

But no matter how hard the way will be, we believe, it will take us to the right direction for the best future! Our Admissions for Scholarships Next year will be open in MAY 2014!

Maria and Diane, keep calm and study hard!

Synergy University Dubai Campus Team

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