Synergy IT’s students visited Aruba Mobility Conference 2017

As a student of Synergy University taking up Bachelor of Science in Information System and Technology, I appreciated this conference because it has taught me a lot of new things, it also has given me new ideas for future use. Not only did the conference help us gain more knowledge but it has also inspired me to think of new innovations for the future generation.

Last February 27 th 2017 Aruba Mobility Conference was held at Jumeirah Beach Hotel, the purpose of this conference was to present Aruba’s current technologies and they also wanted to present their newest developed innovations. Registration of the delegates and staff started at 8:00–8:30 am, breakfast was provided as the delegates wait for their badges/passes for the conference. The conference started roughly around 9:20 am, the first speaker was Mr. Ammar Enaya, Regional Director. He talked about Aruba, how the company started in 2003 in Saudi Arabia and today is one of the most known Mobility Company in the United Arab Emirates, today Aruba is now partners with companies like ARAMEX, Radisson Blu and Mediclinic. In addition, Aruba merged with HPE last 2015 which lead them to become more recognized around the Gulf.

Aruba’s slogan is Costumer first, Costumer last, they consider the clients as their most valuable asset in order for their company to expand and develop even more. They’re concerned about the Network Managers, IT Managers and other Information System related job because the technologies are becoming more and more advanced as the days passes by, which means new innovations and new work environment for managers/IT, but with the help of their products they can make the job easier.

The next speaker was Lars Kolendorf, Director. He talked about how digital distributions 50% of fortune, which is roughly 500, disappeared since 2000. Another point in his presentation was by 2020, 50% of the global workforce will be «millennials» and as this happens, the work of nature changes because as he mentioned «millennials are spoiled» which means, they would want a more advanced technology in order for them to do the assigned task faster and efficiently.

Which means needing new and updated networks and technologies in order to keep up with the new work environment and newest workers in the company. In addition, the goal that they want to push through is a digital mobile first workplace that enables a free seating «work anywhere» environment with the right services available where you are — meaning that in any place you seat within the office, you will be able to connect and do your work. Wherever you are, you will be able to access the right programs and networks. No need for connections, cables and other hassles in connection.

With the help of Mobile first that Aruba is providing, the companies can now prioritize business applications, business related stuffs more. Also with the help of this, the company can also block applications that can interfere in the business such as Facebook (and other social networks). Another platform that Aruba is offering is Beacon Based, this platform is wireless, Bluetooth and this platform knows where exactly the user is and by this, the network will provide the needed connection to the users as it finds the person exact location.

It took approximately 2 hours discussing all their current and newest release of platforms. After Mr. Lars has finished, the mini expo was now open to the delegates. As we entered the expo we saw the routers around, there were also booths where one can go and ask questions about a certain router or a certain platform that Aruba is launching.

By: Anne Patricia C. Arellano (DBI1605)
Submitted to: Ms. Naela

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