Syria’s Minister of Higher Education Dr. Malik Ali joined by the Rector of Damascus University Prof. Dr. Mohammad Amer Al Mardini visited Synergy University in Moscow last week to sign a Memorandum of Understanding between the two universities covering a wide array of cooperation activities, the most prominent of which being the opening of Synergy University’s campus in Damascus.

The decision to open a campus in Damascus came only a few weeks after a delegation from Synergy University visited Damascus and was awarded a full accreditation and permission to operate in the country by the Ministry of Higher Education in Syria, being one of the few foreign university to receive this honor.

 “This initiative will be very useful for Russian students and the agreement will, among many other things, also serve as a channel for promoting the Arabic language and culture in Russia. Furthermore, we are looking to enhance this area by opening a center for Arabic language, libraries, and eventually dedicating the entire faculty to Arabic studies. This agreement also reinforces our commitment to the Middle East, as it was put in place not long after opening our branch campus in Dubai” said Dr Yuri Rubin, Rector of Synergy University.

Similarly, the Minister of Higher Education of Syria, Dr. Malik Ali – a graduate from the Russian Curriculum, added: “Syria has done much to popularize the Russian language. Syrian universities offer students an opportunity to learn the Russian language along with English and French. It is worth noting that children will now learn Russian from elementary schools as it recently became the mandatory second language. We are also looking forward to Synergy University’s business oriented programs along with their innovative teaching methods.”

The delegates also pointed out the long history of Russian-Syrian academic exchanges reaching back for over 50 years. This agreement will definitely work towards further enhancing deep ties between the countries and strengthening this tradition. It is in this time of hardship that Syria needs strong supporters from abroad to help educate its youth and bring about peace in the country. As a gesture of solidarity, Synergy University also awarded 3 academic excellence scholarships, covering full tuition fees and living expenses to study in Moscow to children of the fallen soldiers of the Syrian civil war.

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