July, 15 The Synergy Peak will appear in the geographical map of the Eastern Hindu Kush.

For the first time in the history of the national mountain climbing the group of mountain climbers consisting of 4 men will effect an ascent of the peaks of seven thousand in the region of Eastern Hindu Kush in the Hindu Kush mountain system (Pakistan). The Synergy University acts as a partner of this expedition.

According to the head of the group Renat Shafikov, the mountain climbers are going to climb the highest peak of the Hindu Kush – the Tirich-Mir peak (7708 meters tall) as well as the highest peak of Afghanistan – the Noshak mountain (7492 meters tall).

«These peaks are significant ones and we are very glad that we are the first to run up the Russian flag onto them. Generally, the expedition is going to last from July, 14 to August, 26 and cover the understudied high mountain area of the Eastern Hindu Kush and the Wakhan Corridor between Afghanistan and Pakistan. It should be mentioned that the mountain climbers have climbed only six peaks among the total of 29 peaks of Hindu Kush. The first expeditions in this area were held in the mid-seventies, but when the Afghan war began these areas were totally enclosed for the scientists and mountain climbers”, – he noticed.

Regarding the mechanism of climbing, R.Shafikov explained that it will be effected in alpine-style: the Tirich-Mir peak, 5 camps – one of which is the base camp and four are the intermediate ones; the Istor-o-Nal peak (7403 meters), 4 camps – one of which is the base camp and three are the intermediate ones; the Noshak peak, 4 camps – one of which is the base camp and three are the intermediate ones.

The head of the group also said that in the mid-August the mountain climbers were going to conquer one of the nameless peaks that is more than 7000 meters tall, and then that peak would be named “The Synergy Peak”.

“Our main objective is the Tirich-Mir peak, but near it there are two nameless peaks which we are also going to conquer in the course of acclimatization – 7340 and 7250 meters tall. That done, we will petition the Pakistan authorities and the World Geographical Society to name one of these peaks after the Synergy University”, – he said.

So as the results of this expedition to be officially registered and recognized, the expedition will include the liaison officer of the Pakistan government and the famous Pakistani mountain climber and the guide Mirali who has already effected an ascent of the Tirich-Mir peak.

“We will be the first to confer the Tirich-Mir the complexity qualification according to the approved world standards. I think that it will likely be at 6A or 6B level, assuming that 6B is the maximum level of complexity”, – he underlined.

In his turn, the director of the Synergy University’s Patriotic Education Center Michael Kudinov mentioned that the R.Shafikov’s expedition is of the symbolic nature.

“The Russian people have already been in this region, but unfortunately with the deadly force during the Afghan war. But now our mountain climbers are going there with the purely peaceful mission and they will conquer the mountain peaks together with their Pakistani colleagues only for the scientific and cognitive purposes”, – he said.

M.Kudinov also underlined that cooperation with the mounting training instructor Renat Shafikov wasn’t going to end in the expedition to the Eastern Hindu Kush.

“We plan to organize the training of the mountain climbers group from among the Synergy University’s students with the intent that they will effect an ascent of the mountains of Tajikistan or Kirghizia as early as in summer 2014 under the guidance of Renat. I think that it will be an interesting experience both in terms of the patriotic and sporting education of the students”, – he thinks. 



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