Getting your high schoolers ready for school

For teenagers and high schoolers, a new year can be challenging – particularly if it’s a new school, let alone a new country and given the revolving door of expat life in the UAE, it’s important to ensure your teen feels prepared for the school year.

According to Jonathan Price, managing director, of Eteach International – the Dubai-based branch of the UK online education recruitment service for schools – high school is an adjustment period for many.

“Socially, high school is hard for students.

Often times, it is noted as the best years of your life, but equally, it can be the hardest.

“Students go through a lot during their high school years and often these years are defining moments in a student’s self-discovery and learning.”

Jonathan says this is the first time for many to take responsibility and ownership of coursework and multi-tasking.

“Take, for example, having a schedule of different classes and subjects taught by different teachers. This can be overwhelming at first, but it is a great exercise in time management, and will help students prepare for university and later careers,” he advises.

Whether transitioning into a new school environment or getting the kids back into the routine, organisation and encouragement can go a long way.

Jonathan explains: “As the summer comes to a close, I would suggest implementing a schedule to help them ease into the school year routine.

“Engage in conversation about the upcoming school year to get a feel for what they are excited about or worried about or interested in.”

Clinical psychologist, Dr Thouraiya Kanifani adds, to help children meet like-minded students, “I usually tell parents to explore the community where the child lives. If they join a sports team or social group, then they will meet people with similar interests. They’ll meet families with similar situations, and are able to make friends and feel more comfortable in the new community.”

Source: 7Days

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