Why SBS?

Synergy University Business School specializes in delivering in-depth training courses and workshops for professionals and teams of various industries including Banking and Finance, Marketing, Hospitality, F&B, and much more. Keep ahead of the market trends by attending one of our training courses.

At Synergy Business School, our training programs demand a great deal from the business professionals who take them – they are tailored to challenge their assumptions, disrupt their ordinary ways of doing business, and introduce them to new and unexpected ways of thinking. Most important, they will return to their organizations with fresh ideas, new business skills, and a greater capacity for addressing the challenges their companies will face.

Top 8 Benefits of Our Training for Corporates & Individuals

  • 1Increase Profits — grow your business and shine amongst your competitors
  • 2Stay Up-to-date — gain relevant knowledge and study the latest techniques from top industry professionals
  • 3Rise above the rest — be exposed and learn the best global practices and industry standards
  • 4Unique Academic Experience from a world renowed Business School
  • 5Business Cost Reduction — Efficiently manage your business and utilise your resources while maximizing results
  • 6Stand out with an exceptional product — perfect the art of research and development and stay ahead of the market
  • 7Eliminate your weaknesses — gain analytical and problem-solving skills through practice-oriented education
  • 8Exclusive Corporate Privelleges — by signing your company up, you and your peers will instantly access scholarships and resources exclusively dedicated to you!

How we can help you

Corporate Training

Keep ahead of the market trends & world best practices!

With a wide variety of training programs to choose from, SBS's soft skills, financial, Management & technical trainings are internationally recognied and certified.

Our courses will help you fine-tune your expertise as an individual or part of a company and ensure that your performance not only effective and efficient, but also close to perfection.

Academic Programs

Globally Accredited & Recognised Degree

A globally recognized degree is essential for every ambitious graduate; that's why we're very keen on providing you with degrees that would open doors for you, globally, accredited by AMBA (UK), KHDA (Dubai, UAE), Magna Charta (EU), MOE (RF) and many more.

Only Practice-Oriented Programs with great potential on the global market: Bachelors, Masters & MBA degrees:

  • Global Economy
  • Hospitality
  • Information Technologies & Systems
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Leadership & Strategy

Learn from the Best

We carefully select every professor to ensure the best coverage of material and the latest knowledge and techniques. We strongly believe that to become the best you have to learn from the best! Whether you are an individual or a company you can learn from our brilliant industry practitioners, honorary professors and celebrity speakers.

Language Courses

Master a new language Fast & Well

Competition in today’s job market is extremely fierce and multi-lingual always stand out from the crowd. Synergy Business School offers you a great variety of language courses to support you in strengthening your language and communication skills.

Our language courses are designed to begin at your current level of proficiency and improve your communication skills from there. Local students are free to choose a duration starting from 20 hours (1 level), whereas international students with visa sponsorships must complete a 6 months course (4 levels). Learn more about it in dedicated Language Course page on our website.

Teach what you preach

Customized academic program to suit your needs

Our expert consultants will go in depth and take extraordinary measures to equip your staff with cutomized knowledge and training as per your standards and case-studies in comparison with the rest of your industry.

We will also get your customized program accredited within the region and position your brand as a leader in your industry.

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