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International Students Synergy University Dubai

Why Study in Dubai?

Booming Retail Industry:
Dubai has retained its position as the second most important international shopping destination globally for the fourth consecutive year, closely behind London.
Making it the perfect city to study and learn from experts in the Retail Industry.

World-renowned Hospitality Hub:
With Expo 2020 approaching, experts anticipate the arrival of 25 million visitors during the 6 months of the Expo and 27,000 more hotel rooms within 5 years! There's no better place to study and work in hospitality!

Imagine being able to leave your handbag unattended. Dubai is one of the top ranking cities worldwide when it comes to safety. Under the patronage of HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Dubai Police ensures the safety and security of all visitors and residents. Dubai is virtually crime free.

Metropolitan City
With expats forming 88% of Dubai’s population, you will find it difficult not to run into like minded people across the city. Dubai is a metropolis that never lets you feel like a stranger.

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