Student Visas

Students Visa in Dubai UAE Synergy University

This section is for those who require a student visa in order to study at Synergy University. 

The procedure for applying for a student visa cannot commence until you have signed and accepted your Offer Acceptance Letter, paid your tuition fees as per the advised installment along with the applicable student visa charges as well as cleared all the academic conditions (if any).

The process normally takes 15-20 working days and typically applications undergo a security check by government authorities. This may occasionally result in further delays beyond the control of Synergy University.

Before Entering the UAE:

Step 1. Before entering the country Student should send the following documents to SU

  • Scan of passport 1st page; color
  • Scan of passport size picture; color
  • Confirmation of University Admission (Offer Letter)
  • Payment of Visa & Visa Security Deposit to SU

Timeline: 7 days

Step 2. SU will submit the application from Student to the Immigration Authorities:

  • Registration certificate – issued internally by the University;
  • Immigration on-line application form
  • Payment to Immigration Authorities
  • Receipt of Invitation Visa 
  • Drop off of the Entry Permit to the Airport

Timeline: 14-21 days

 After Entering the UAE:

 Step 3. In Dubai Student shall do the following:

  • Medical Test (all students above 18 years)
  • Student shall submit originals of Emirates ID application and Medical Result to the University
  • Upon receipt of the passport Student should go to the Emirates ID office to make fingerprints scan

Timeline: ~3 days

Step 4. SU will provide the following services in order to complete Visa process

  • Emirates ID application will be made by the University
  • Submission of all original documents with Passport to Immigration
  • Collection of the Passport and handover to students

Timeline: ~10 days


Visa Fee: US$1300 for the first year of studies and US$475 for annual renewal

Visa Security Deposit: US$545 (refundable after completion of studies)

Insurance Fee: US$400 / year

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