Tuition Fees

MBA Women's Leadership
Synergy Executive MBA
* One academic year consists of 2 semesters
Additional Fees
Registration Fee
USD 500
Registration fee is mandatory for all applicants to complete enrollment as well as to confirm admission and secure discounts. Payment is carried out one-time and is non-refundable.
Visa Fee
USD 1300
The university opens visas for all international students. The cost of extending the visa for the next year is $ 475.
Medical Insurance
USD 400
Medical insurance is compulsory for all international students who are on a student visa.
Visa Deposit (refundable)
USD 545
A deposit fee is required for all international students when opening a student visa.
Registration Fee
In order to sign up for the programme, you should leave an inquiry first
Our admission officer will contact you and check your eligibility for the programme.
After confirmation, you need to make a registration payment
i Our admission officer will inform you about how to fulfill that
Hoooray! You're student of Synergy University Dubai.
Special offers
Early Birds Scholarship (Bachelor's)
Early Birds Scholarship (Bachelor's)
Up to 40% for the 1st and last year of Bachelor's Degree Programme
Career Center
Career Center
Working and studying can be perfectly compatible with Synergy University Dubai!
Academic Excellence Study Grant (Bachelor's)
Academic Excellence Study Grant (Bachelor's)
50% study grant for the 1st semester
Scholarships and Grants
Scholarships and Grants
Apply for our special offers and get up to 50% study grants